YuGiOh! - Legendary Duelists - Season 3

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Each Legendary Duelists: Season 3 box contains:

1 of 6 dice, featuring "Dark Magician", "Dark Magician Girl", "Dark Magical Circle", "Elemental HERO Neos", "Hero Signal", or "Junk Synchron". In Europe, the die featuring "Dark Magician" is exclusive to specific stores:
In the UK, it is exclusive to GAME stores.[1]
In France, it is exclusive to Micromania-Zing stores.[2]
In Italy, it is exclusive to Gamestop stores.[3]
1 of 10 Secret Rare variant cards
2 packs with 18 cards each: 1 standard Ultra Rare, 1 red Ultra Rare, 1 blue Ultra Rare, and 15 Commons. The set contains:
30 Ultra Rares
98 Commons