Monopoly - Super Mario Celebration

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The Super Mario Celebration edition of the Monopoly game offers action-packed excitement along with nostalgia. Choose from 6 tokens designed with the Super Mario enthusiast in mind, and buy, sell, and trade locations from iconic Super Mario games. This Monopoly board features beloved characters and themes through the years, all the way back to 1985 and the first Super Mario Bros. video game.

Super Mario Sound Effects
The Monopoly game features a Question Block with sound effects that can change a player's luck. Press the Question Block to collect or lose coins, or to take another turn, and hear classic Super Mario sound effects such as Bowser's laugh, the Power-Up sound, and more!

Super Mario Monopoly
This Monopoly board spaces feature scenes and themes that Super Mario fans will recognise, including Yoshi's Island, Forest of Illusion, and New Donk City. Toad houses and Princess Peach's castles replace houses and hotels, so start buying and building! The board game is a great gift for gamers and a birthday or holiday gift for Super Mario fans, ages 8 and up.