Legacy WPN Qualifier 2 - Round 6 Standard (March)

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Date: 23rd March
Store Opens: 10:00 am
Start Time: 11:00 am
Entry: £22
Venue: In store (82 Queen st, Ramsgate, CT119ER)
Capacity: 50
Format: Standard
REL: Competitive – Decklists Required

Round Structure: Best of three, 50 minute rounds. 3 – 5 swiss rounds followed by a top cut (based on attendance)


1st - Modern Horizons 2 Sealed Set Booster Box
2nd- Murders at Karlov Manor Sealed Play Booster box
3rd onwards - 2 Play boosters per entrant (will increase to 4 at player cap)
Participation: 1x Non-Foil ‘Explore, 1 Play booster 1st: 1x Regional Championship Invite, 1x Foil ‘Expressive Iteration
Top 8: 1x Non-Foil ‘Expressive Iteration

Attendance at these events may lead to your image and likness being photographed and/or video recorded on behalf of The Grumpy Goblin GE LTD.
By being present at these events, you grant permission for The Grumpy Goblin, its affiliates and unaffiliated media organisations to publish your name, image, likeness, team or deck composition, methods of play, and written or oral statements in connection with any acquired media.