European Modern Series Qualifiers in Kent

European Modern Series Qualifiers in Kent

What's the European Modern Series? 

Well, let's have Wizards answer that for us...

Stores throughout Europe will be running qualifier events. These will either be Modern HorizonsSealed or Modern format, with the option of the Top 8 being run as a Modern Horizons Booster Draft. The winner of this event will qualify for the European Modern Series Final event linked to that store (this is based on the country of the WPN store).

Players may not participate in a European Modern Series Qualifier if they are already qualified for a European Modern Series Final (e.g., a player who has already won a qualifier).

These finals will feature three rounds of Modern, three rounds of Modern Horizons Booster Draft, additional rounds of Modern (with the number of these rounds being dependent on attendance), as well as a Booster Draft for the Top 8. Top 8–placing players will also each receive an SDCC 2019 promo set. Each player who participates in the finals will also receive a promo version of Arcbound Ravager (whilst stocks last).

Finally, individual finals winners will qualify for the Mythic Championship in Richmond, Virginia, taking place November 8–10.

Basically, this a route to the Mythic Championship (Pro Tour) and that's just great. We all miss PPTQs.

This isn't all that far from being a PPTQ. 


European Modern Series Qualifiers in Kent

We've rounded up all the events month by month throughout Kent, and well, we included Eastbourne because it's not THAT much further and Mana Gaming is awesome and we love Nancy's toasties like you wouldn't believe. Anyway... Let's go. 



22nd June - (MODERN) Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre, Folkestone

29th June - (SEALED) Elite Gaming, Dover 

30th June - (SEALED) Mug & Meeple, Gravesend

30th June - (SEALED) Mana Gaming, Eastbourne



13th July - (MODERN) Dice & Destiny, Canterbury

14th July - (MODERN)Elite Gaming, Dover

20th July - (MODERN) The Grumpy Goblin, Ramsgate

21st July - (MODERN) The Consulting Gamer, Ashford

27th July - (SEALED) Dice & Destiny, Canterbury
Event link tbc 

28th July - (MODERN) Cataclysm Games, Gillingham



3rd August - (SEALED) Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre, Folkestone 

3rd August - (MODERN) Mana Gaming, Eastbourne

4th August - (SEALED) The Consulting Gamer, Ashford

10th August - (SEALED) The Grumpy Goblin, Ramsgate

11th August - (SEALED) Cataclysm Games, Gillingham

11th August - (MODERN) Mug & Meeple, Gravesend
Event link tbc

It's fantastic that each store is able to schedule two events, one for Modern and one for Sealed. That means there's a whole bunch of Competitive REL tournaments happening nearby soon. 


Best Get Practicing for Modern Horizons Sealed

Sealed is perhaps the hardest format to test for, we always recommend grabbing a Booster Box and some friends and sitting down and building Sealed pools together. You'd be amazed at how much insight you can garner from testing like this and it's sure to pay dividends when you're facing down the clock at a Sealed Modern Horizons Event. 

If there's 6 of you, building 6 Sealed Pools it works out as just £33 and change for an evening of testing!